Conference Chairs  
International Scientific Committee  
Organizing Committee  
Organizing Committee
C. B. Cui (Beijing, China)
D. F. Chen (Shanghai, China)
H. M. Ge (Secretary, Nanjing, China)
W. Fang (Nanjing, China)
S. Hannongbua (Bangkok, Thailand)
Z. C. Hua (Nanjing, China)
R. H. Jiao (Nanjing, China)
L. Y. Kong (Nanjing, China)
P. Li (Co-chair, Nanjing, China)
W. H. Lin (Beijing, China)
J. K. Liu (Kunming, China)
H. X. Lou (Jinan, China)
L. W. Qi (Nanjing, China)
R. X. Tan (Co-chair, Nanjing, China) 
Q. Xu (Nanjing, China)
T. Yan (Nanjing, China)
Z. J. Yao (Nanjing, China)
W. C. Ye (Guangzhou, China)
Q. D. You (Nanjing, China)
S. S. Yu (Beijing, China)
W. D. Zhang (Shanghai, China)
D. M. Zhou (Beijing, China) 

For further information, please contact:
Dr. H. M. Ge (Symposium Secretariat)

Institute of Functional Biomolecules, State Key Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
Nanjing University, Nanjing 210093 (China)
Phone/Fax: +86 25 8359 3201

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